Biking on Pine Creek Trail
Pine Creek Trail runs through the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and surrounding
areas, from Ansonia in Tioga County to Waterville in Lycoming County (40+ miles),
with a brand-new extension nearly completed from Waterville south to Jersey Shore.
On our November, 2003 visit, we found the extension open from Waterville to the
bridge crossing Rt 220 near the Thomas St exit. The new extension is a great addition
to an already-excellent trail.
Updated December 8, 2003
Getting there: We always start from the southern end of the trail, just north of
Waterville on Rt 44 (parking area on the right headed north on 44).

From State College, follow Interstate 80 East and 220 North past Lock Haven almost
to Jersey Shore, then watch for signs for Rt 44 North. Traveling north on 44 you'll see
fluorescent green signs where the new trail extension crosses 44. On our November
2003 visit, there weren't many obvious places to park along the new extension south
of the former end-of-trail parking area at Waterville - we parked at the little village of
Ramsey, where there is space for just a few cars, and rode south from there. I'll be
looking for a Jersey Shore parking area in the spring, assuming the rest of that part of
the trail is completed by then. Travel time from State College is about an hour to
Jersey Shore and another 15 minutes to Waterville.
Trail Review: We have ridden the section of the trail from Waterville north about 15
miles. There is a good sub shop in the town of Cammal - look for a sign on the right
side (heading north) of the trail in the Cammal area. Not much else for quick food that
I can recall. This is a beautiful part of PA and you'll find lots of genuine nature here -
we saw "moose crossing" signs (no moose yet) and have seen eagles, a fox, and
plenty of groundhogs and the like. On our July, 2003 trip, we also found biting flies
everywhere. The only way to avoid them was to keep moving > 12 mph, so we'll just
say they were inspirational. We had no idea that the new trail extension was going to
be open when we arrived for our November, 2003 ride, so that was a nice surprise.
The new trail section is through a somewhat less-remote area, but still pretty far
removed from civilization.
Facilities: Don't worry when you don't find a restroom on your arrival at Waterville -
there is one about a mile or so north of the parking area. Ride fast and you'll make it!
There is also a new facility on the trail extension just south of Ramsey, but nothing
between there and the current end-of-trail at the 220 crossing near Jersey Shore.
PA DCNR Pages: Some nice trail photos. We hope to bike the full length of the trail
in 2004 and see some of the other sights along the way.