Biking on Lower Trail
Lower (rhymes with "flower") Trail is one of our favorite trails - not too far from home,
not too crowded, picnic benches and a pavilion along the way, and an ice cream / bike
rental shop (located at the Williamsburg trailhead - Past to Present, 814-832-2599)
Updated July 10, 2004
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Trail Map - note that the info on the map about the trail extension turned out to be
overly optimistic. Most of the extension finally opened in June, 2004. See below for
more details.
Getting there: We nearly always start from the Alexandria end of the trail (marked as
"Alfarata" on the
Trail Map).

From State College, follow Rt 26 through Pine Grove Mills, and then Rt 45 to 453 to
Water Street. Turn left (east) onto Rt 22, go about 1/2 mile past the Water Street Flea
Market to the left at the sign marked "Alexandria," and watch for Trail Parking signs on
your right, about another 1/2 mile. Travel time from State College is about 45 minutes.
Trail News - The trail extension is open as of late June, 2004! This adds an additional
5 miles to the trail, making the total a little over 16 miles. The extension continues
from Williamsburg to the vicinity of Rt 22 near Canoe Creek State Park.  
The final
connection to Canoe Creek State Park (which requires crossing or going under Rt 22)
will not be done as part of this phase of construction - a tentative date for that is
2007. The new trail section still needs some minor finish work but is ready for riding. It
is an excellent addition to an already-excellent trail. Our sincere thanks to all parties
involved in getting this built!
Facilities: Port-a-potty at the Alexandria trailhead, at the picnic pavilion located at
the 5-mile marker, and at the ice cream shop at the Williamsburg trailhead. Nothing
yet on the trail extension.
PA DCNR Pages - Some nice trail photos and an inaccurate overview of the trail (last
updated in 2000). As mentioned under "Trail News," above, construction of the
extension is finishing up now (summer 2004), and ends south of Rt 22 near Canoe
Creek State Park. There is no trail access to Canoe Creek. Correct restroom
locations are as listed above under the "Facilities" heading.